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ELO Hell

If you are like me and currently stuck in ELO Hell then I hope you find comfort in this site. You are not alone and there are many of us trying to escape, so don’t give up…

This website is a diary of my journey from ELO Hell and Back.

This is my story…

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League of Legends – Ranked Disabled

RankedĀ  has been disabled the past few days so I played 6 games of normal today.


Played some jungle GP and then some games as Cryo. I really like both these champs at the moment they are both really strong. I remember one of the pros saying recently that Cryo is worse at high ELO because people dodge her stun. I guess that is true for any skill shot hero.


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League of Legends Season 2

So the start of League of Legends Season 2 has begun!

I had my ELO reset to 1201, which was great as I am now higher than I was before.

I played my first game of ranked this season and was last pick. I played Taric as we needed a support. I laned with a Cait and we tottaly dominated our lane. At one point my score was 3-1 after getting some kills in lane. The new taric ulti s really good and much better than the old one!

We then went on to lose the game due to our team fighting out numbered or getting caught.

I then played a 2nd game of ranked for Season 2 as Brand:

So in the champ select I thought the game was lost. We had no jungle, no support and a guy who 1st picked Skarner.

Then when we got in the game he said “me solo” but we had no jungle… So then he said “ok I try jungle” and started jungling with no smite. He never ganked and then split pushed all game.

I managed to get some early kills and then got fed and snowballed. My damage was insane and I ended with 760AP.

16-1 is my best score so far in ranked and I nearly cried when during the game I dc’d in a team fight… I logged back in and we had lost the fight and an inhib… We still went on to win though!

Current rating: 1201 ELO

So that’s the start of League of Legends Season 2 for me, how is season 2 treating you so far?

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ELO Hell Day 5 – Pick And Mix


Well so much for sticking to just a few champs… These are the ranked games I played today and everyone is with someone different. Today I climed from 1117 ELO to 1147, which is good. 30 points in a day Im happy with.

The Janna game was so fun. I got a kill early and got a Majeai! I love that item on supports… I was also proud to never die once. I also did some awesome ults to save my team. They picked fiddle first, which is why I picked Janna to counter him. Everytime he ults into the team I just blew him away with my ult. Fun times!


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League of Legends Season 1 Rating Rewards

  • Platinum (Top 0.2%) – 1900 and above (3v3: 1700+, pre-made 5v5: 1750+): a framed summoner icon in platinum, a platinum banner in summoner profile, a platinum forum badge and a special skin for Jarvan IV
  • Gold (Top 3%) – Between 1520 and 1899 (3v3: 1490-1699, pre-made 5v5: 1500-1749) : a framed summoner icon in gold, a gold banner in your summoner profile, a gold forum badge and a special skin for Jarvan IV
  • Silver (Top 10%) – Between 1400 and 1519 (3v3: 1410-1489, pre-made 5v5: 1410-1499) : a framed summoner icon in silver and a silver banner in your summoner profile
  • Bronze (Top 25%) – Between 1249 and 1399 (3v3: 1249-1409, pre-made 5v5: 1249-1409) : a bronze banner in your summoner profile


It would be great if I could get to 1249 before the end of the season. They said the season ends next server down, which I think is a week tuesday (Sept 6th).

I’m currently as 1117 so I need 132 rating…

At about 17 ELO per win/loss that is about 8 more wins than loses that I will need. I have a week to do it, lets go for it!

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I’m Sona What Do You Want From Me?

Just played an awesome game of ranked as Sona. I some how got first blood and got a early Majaei’s, which quickly got to 20 stacks. I then kept getting kills (without meaning too just attacked people and Q’d in team fights).

I don’t normally play Support and when I do I don’t try and build “AP Sona”. I find that if my team is doing well a Majaei’s is awesome on support as it gets you a lot of AP for very little gold. You will be supprised how quickly it gets to 20 stacks with all the assists you get.

Rating Update: 39w/35l – 1117 ELO

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ELO Hell Day 4 – More Fiddle


Just played a ranked game with Fiddle and did okay. Not my best score but we had a really good team (makes a change!) Our Kennen went 8-0 and our Cait had 152 CS to their Ashe’s 35… Bit of a stomp really.

Rating Update: 37w/35l – 1080 ELO

Just played another Fiddle game… Had a really bad game due to disconnects. We still won!

Rating Update: 38w/35l – 1099 ELO

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ELO Hell Day 3 – LoL Season 2 And a Singed Game

League of Legends season 2 is going to be start soon.

This means that ratings are going to be reset at different levels. This will give me another chance to climb the elo ladder.

I just played a game of ranked with singed (due to someome else picking jungle), here are the stats:

Even though we lost I think I am getting better at this game. I’m happy with my 239 CS, which is the highest in the game. Sadly our Temoo fed and went 1-7-6… He also had 67 cs which is a total joke.

I also just noticed I’m the only person on my team without a negative Kill/Death Ratio. 3 of my deaths were also at the very end after the enermy team were fed and I was defending the base often 1v5.

The highlight of the game for me was when defending the nexus vs. 5 I ran in and got a tripple kill from poison and throwing them into the double towers. *grin*


Keep practising Fiddle jungle as my main

Practise a second jungler as a backup (thinking Nocurne or maybe Amumu)

Work on my Singed play

Improve my last hitting

Try a new Singed build recommend to me by a guy called thetallestpaul from Reddit who said to complete mercs before ROA (mana crystal > catalyst > mercs > bv/roa)

Rating Update: 34w/35l – 1026 ELO

Update: Just played another singed game:

Rating: 35w/35l – 1045 ELO


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ELO Hell Day 2 – Fiddle in the Middle

So recently I have been playing tanky/dps champs like Singed/Jax/Mord. The one problem with this is these are solo top champs. In low ELO you don’t always have a jungler and these champs need their solo lane to do well.

I also hate duo laning as I always get the guy who auto attacks the creeps and makes us overextend to then get zoned or ganked. So today I thought about playing a jungler.

This means that other than counter jungle I can do my own thing without worrying about lane partners pushing/baiting me to death. So I have started practising Fiddle.

Here is a screen shot from my first 2 practise games:

The first game went really well and I pulled off my jungle well. I followed this fiddlesticks guide and it worked well. I even solo’d dragon at level 5, which is pretty cool.

I then ganked well and got my teams lots of kills. Was happy with 3-0-7 first game.

Game 2 was not as good. I had my blue stolen but managed to recover well buying a second dorans ring like the guide said too. Most of my deaths came from Akali jumping on me. This was made easier once I got my Zhonya’s Hourglass. The other problem is they had an Alistar who would just headbutt me away when I ult’d.

As these were normal games I had no clue what champs the other team had. I think I will need to learn a second jungler for solo que though as Akali/Alistar seem to make fiddle a bad pick.


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ELO Hell – Day 1

So let me fill you in on my journey so far…

I so far have played 67 games on ranked in League of Legends with 33 Wins and 34 Losses. My Rating is at 1025 and I’m currently in ELO Hell.

As I’m sure you know the first 10 games you play of ranked are worth something like 40 elo each win or loss. My first 10 games I think I pretty much lost due to people on my team disconnecting, leaving/AFKing and feeding.

Let me just get one thing clear though. I am not claiming to be a good league of legends player. I often have games where I suck like the best of us. However when it comes to ranked games I try hard. I bring out my A game, pick the champions I’m good at and I give 110%. My team sadly don’t seem to do the same.

Here is a screenshot of a ranked game I just played (I’m TomUK). This game we surrended at 20 minutes after my whole team fed. This my friend is ELO Hell.


I was happy with my performance this game I CS’d well solo top vs. Nidalee and she only beat me on CS by 9.

Lessons from this game:

1) Sometimes there is nothing you can do… Sometimes your team just sucks.

2) I need to work on my CS I know I miss quite a few so that is something to work on.

Update: Just played another game and won (now 34/34 and 1043 rating). This time the enermy team had the trolls. They had 2 people with smite.. who then raged all game saying “I said I was jungle”. I guess that’s how ELO Hell goes… the team with the least trolls wins.